11 Ways to Clean Earrings

11 Ways to Clean Earrings

Have a variety of beautiful earrings ready. Do you want to make sure they are clean and gorgeous? Below we will introduce you to some simple and easy ways to properly clean your earrings and make them stunning.



1:Hydrogen peroxide

Earrings can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. Dab them with a cotton ball, making sure to clean all nooks and crannies. Spend a few minutes on each earring, pouring in more hydrogen peroxide if needed. Hydrogen peroxide will kill bacteria and restore shine.


2:Developer powder

The earrings can be cleaned with developer powder. Mix the developer powder with hot water at a ratio of 1:10. Then soak the earrings in the developer powder water. Take out the earrings after 5-10 minutes, wash them with clean water, and finally wipe them clean with a towel.


3:Soapy water

Earrings can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Mix and dilute soap and warm water in a certain ratio. Then soak the earrings in warm soapy water, scrub them with a brush after 30 minutes, and then wash them with clean water and dry them.



Earrings can be cleaned with toothpaste. Wipe the earrings with a wet towel first, then apply toothpaste on the surface of the earrings. Scrub them with a brush, then wash off the toothpaste and finally dry them with a cotton cloth.



When the earrings are black, you can also use alcohol to clean them. Use about 75% alcohol, dip it on the makeup remover cotton, and gently wipe the surface of the earrings. At this time, you can see that the dirt on the surface of the earrings gradually fades away and returns to its original color.


6:White vinegar

When the earrings are oxidized and blackened, they can also be cleaned with white vinegar. Put the earrings into a bowl, pour white vinegar, soak for 5-7 minutes, then take out the earrings and rinse them with clean water to clean the dirt on their surface and restore their color.



Apply the lipstick directly to the cloth, and then use the cloth to repeatedly wipe the dirt off the earrings.



The earrings can be cleaned with cola. Pour the cola into a container, and then soak the sterling silver earrings in the cola. After about 12 hours, take out the sterling silver earrings, wash them with clean water, and dry them with a towel.



Ashes from cigarettes, mosquito coils, and sandalwood are all fine, but make sure the ash is dry for better wiping effect. Wipe directly with incense ash, and rinse with water after wiping.

10:Strong tea

Soak the earrings in strong tea water for a long time, and then wash them properly.


11:Silver wiping cloth

Many merchants will provide special silver wiping cloths, which can easily remove dirt from earrings.

With these easy guidelines, you can effectively cleanse your earrings and maintain their dazzling allure. Bear in mind the significance of regular earring cleaning as they touch our skin and encounter external elements. As you adore adorning yourself with exquisite earrings, bestow upon them the attention and treatment they deserve. May your earrings radiate eternally!

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