How to make friendship bracelets

How to make friendship bracelets

A Fun Guide to Making Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are more than just colorful threads woven together; they are tangible symbols of the bonds we share with our friends. They're a perfect mix of creativity and connection, and today, we're going to embark on a colorful journey to create these delightful tokens of friendship. So, let's grab our materials, get creative, and start crafting some beautiful bracelets!

Materials You'll Need:

Colored embroidery thread, a pin or tape, a pair of scissors


Production steps:

1. Fold about 60 cm of colored embroidery thread in half, tie a slip knot, and fix one section with a tape. Pay attention to the symmetry of the colors below.


2. Starting from the left, stand on the outermost color (red in the picture), press the second orange line on the left, and cross it four times with the red line still at the top.


3. Tie the red thread and the orange thread, tie the knot to the top, tie the two adjacent color threads, and so on.


4. Knot the thread on the right side in the same way.


5. Place the red color in the middle and knit, paying attention to the tightness of each knot.


6. Finish the tail with a braid


7. Give colorful friendship bracelets to your besties. Friendship can be strong without money.


Making friendship bracelets is not only a creative outlet but also a heartfelt gesture to show your friends how much you care. As you create and share these colorful tokens of friendship, you'll find that the process is as meaningful as the finished product. Enjoy crafting and connecting with your friends!

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