How To Match Necklaces With Different Necklines (Matching A Suitable Necklace Instantly Improves Several Levels)

How To Match Necklaces With Different Necklines (Matching A Suitable Necklace Instantly Improves Several Levels)

As the saying goes: if the necklace is wrong, no matter how expensive it is, it will be in vain! There are various styles of necklaces, and the lengths are also different. The key to matching necklaces depends on the collar shape of the clothing. Different collar shapes match necklaces of different styles and lengths.


A well-matched necklace can not only play a decorative role but also modify the shortcomings of the neck and enhance the overall look. For different collar shapes, how can we find the right necklace? Today we sort out eight different collar styles. Let's take a look at the matching skills of necklaces.

Before matching, let's understand the style of the necklace. According to the length of the necklace, it can be divided into the following styles:

☑️1: Collar - The collar is what we call a choker, with a length ranging between 30cm and 33cm. Chokers are suitable for girls with long necks.
☑️2: Short necklace - Short necklaces are generally 35 to 40cm long, positioned slightly below the collarbone.
☑️3: Princess type - The length of this necklace is between 43cm and 48cm, which can enhance the face shape and is more suitable for low necklines or exaggerated necklines.
☑️4: Martini type - The length of the Martini type necklace is between 50cm and 60cm, and it hangs slightly above the chest.
☑️5: Opera type - The length is about 71cm to 86cm, which is relatively long. When wearing it, you can either tie a knot at the neckline or layer it with a shorter necklace.

Let's take a look at the formulas for wearing necklaces corresponding to eight different collar types:

1️⃣ Small round neck - suitable with an exaggerated short necklace
🌟 It is well-known that the small round collar is difficult to control. If the small round collar is loose, it is prone to rolling over. Choosing a short necklace with an exaggerated style can enhance the visual effect of the neckline, making you the center of attention and the darling of street photography.

2️⃣ High collar - suitable with a long sweater chain
🌟 Clothes with a high neckline cover your entire neck, so avoid wearing a short necklace that suffocates your neck! A long sweater chain with a drape will elongate your neck and make it look more slender. If the color of the sweater chain contrasts with the color of the clothes, it will be a perfect match.

3️⃣Straight shoulder- suitable with a long and large necklace
🌟 Choose a necklace with a thin chain and a large pendant. The key lies in having a thin chain and a large pendant. The front irregular neckline on the chest will appear simple yet layered.


🌟 The large V-neckline avoids empty space in the neck. It is recommended to choose a necklace that complements your temperament. A long Y-shaped necklace with a drape or multiple layers to decorate the chest is ideal. Remember that the center of gravity should be on the top, while the bottom remains somewhat concealed.

5️⃣ Square neck - suitable with an exquisite pendant
🌟 Summer brings various collar styles like large necklines, tube tops, and suspenders. It is recommended to choose a short necklace that does not exceed the neckline, forming a V-shape when worn. You can select a delicate and exquisite pendant to add a touch of elegance.

6️⃣ Boob Tube Top - Versatile
🌟 As long as you dare to show your shoulders, any style will look good. The tube top neckline is incredibly versatile. It provides a large blank space for decoration, allowing you to wear a choker, a luxurious short necklace, or a long necklace effortlessly.

7️⃣ Sling
🌟 Sling necklaces can be chosen for flat slings or V-neck slings. Collars or draped combined collars are great options.

8️⃣Suit collar
🌟 Because the suit collar already has some decorative elements and weight, match it with a fine layered necklace for an ideal combination.


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